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Does anyone have these?
2012 prestige : 203,204,224,239,255,267,281,301. Draft sp:205,213,226,230,231,262,264,270,276.


Platinum red (thick):1,9,13,17,23,26,31,33,47,51,55,60,68,69,74,76,84,90,94.
Rc xfractor:101,102,106,107,110,115-118,123,124,128,129,132,133,135-138,145,146,149,150.
Rc orange:105,106,110,113,117,119,124-126,129,132,133,135,146,149,150.

Has any got 2011 certified platinum red hotboxes? I have several needs for that set.
2011 finest atomic rookies : gabbert, amukamara
Finest moments: gabbert,cobb,mallet.
And any 2012 topps prime.
Evening bump!
I may have some Platinum.
I have the 118 and 123 xfractor so far. PM me if you're interested in em.
I have the platinum RC 108, 121 and the xfractor 146.

LMK if you're interested
i have the platinum rc #121
I will check for you later.
Mine are not added to the org yet but let me know if you are interested.
Sent you a trade offer
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