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I'm new to both the collecting world and trading on beckett, but was an avid collector growing up, and now getting back into things.

I am going to start updating my profile with cards that I do have soon, but wanted to know if anyone had any Golden Tate, Earl Thomas, or Marshawn Lynch cards they may be wanting to trade, and you're interested in trading posting up here with what players you are looking for so I can check my stock to see what I do have. I'm also interested in any Seahawks cards that aren't base as well.

Looking to Trade or purchase at BV.

I've got a good amount of Seahawks cards and some other misc 2012 from Rookies & Stars as well as some old school 49ers.

I should also say that I know that members here are cautious over trading with "new" members, but my ebay rating is over 100 buys/sells and at 100%. While that doesn't say anything about physically trading with folks here, it does say a small amount about honesty and not delaying in things.
I have a good tate in org.
If you have time. My org might contain some.
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