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Is there any 2012-13 autos of Jared Sullinger in his Celtics uniform. I will not be interested in his college uniform. I have Celtics autos for trade also but they are not on my org send a PM I have many Celtics for trade.
Jared has many Celtics autos out there already anybody have 1?
Where are all the Sullinger autos I see alot for sale no one has one to trade?
I still didn't get 1 offer where are the Sullingers
Sullinger autos anyone?
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Still looking for a Sullinger
Hey, have you checked out the Bay? I picked up a Prestige Sullinger auto RC for a reasonable price a few weeks ago. It appears they are getting more popular as the number of bids is increasing from when I got mine. Good luck.
Thanks Showley2003 I have many autos to trade so I was looking to trade for one thanks.
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