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I have 25 cards in org of mma, 1 dual auto, a bunch of relics and a few base and refractors. Would like to move for baseball if possible but football will work to. Send open offers in interested thanks
what about a cash offer for everything? send me a dm and we can discuss it further thanks
Anyone??? Its just sitting here so will move for a fair offer
I would be interested. I have some baseball I want to unload. What auto/relics do you have? I have 07 artifacts I wanna unload.

Josh Johnson Patch 43/50
Adam Laroche jersey 13/199
scott baker auto
justin morneau jersey 16/199
delmon young rookie
tulowitzki rookie
(Also a bunch of others, I got a box)
Can you send me a PM listing the cards? I can buy or trade.

Thanks - fdgowin
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