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Trying to clear out some room.

2011 Topps Chrome Cam Newton $8 dlvd

2011 Topps Chrome Julio Jones $8 dlvd.

2012 Topps Andrew Luck x2 $18 dlvd.

2012 Platinum Adrew Luck $7 dlvd.

2012 Topps RGIII $10 dlvd.

2012 Platinum RGIII $10 dlvd.

2010 Topps Ryan Matthews Gold $7 dlvd.

2010 Topps Fines Black Refractor Jonathan Dwyer /99 $5 dlvd.

2000 Pacific Aurora Tom Brady Rc $15 dlvd

2008 UD Draft Edition Joe Flacco Auto $10 dlvd (SOLD)

2011 Topps Gameday auto Kendall Hunter $5 dlvd

2009 Bowman Sterling GW Patch Michael Crabtree 1/749 $8 dlvd.

2011 Bowman Walmart Preview Julio Jones $6 dlvd.

2011 Bowman Chrome Preview #BCR18 Cam Newton $8 dlvd.

2004 Fleer Tradition Ben Roethlisburger RC $5 dlvd

2001 UD Vintage Drew Brees Rc $6 dlvd.
New week bump

Also prices aren't set in stone so if you see something you like don't be afraid to PM me with a counter offer.
Temporary Price Drop so come on and take advantage of me
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