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Just thought I'd show off some of my new pickups. Opened a box of 2012 Bowman Chrome and got a few other Rangers in this week. Everything is in my ORG and marked FT.

[Image: BCRefractors.jpg]

[Image: BCinserts.jpg]

[Image: HamiltonBCauto.jpg]

[Image: DarvishRClot.jpg]

[Image: JenkinsPlatinumPlate.jpg][Image: Rangersotherlot.jpg]
Definitely interested in the Hamilton, also the Stafford xfractor... Congrats on picking up that Tyrell too!
Nice Hamilton....I am loving this years Bowman Chrome!!! The card quality is amazing...the cards seem thicker and printed on better stock
I got the Tyrell plate for $6 on ebay. Pretty nice pickup. I think the fact it is unredeemed caused people to stay away. Good for me!
Hamilton has been sold on another trading site. Will be taking it out of ORG shortly. Messed up the Jenkins plate redemption because I scratched off part of the #s. So it is going in the trash and is no longer available. Everything else is. Thanks.
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