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Full Version: Am I a snob?
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I'm just getting back into the hobby. Back in my day we didn't have online trading. So I just put some stuff in my organize for trade and I got 7 trade notifications. Checked them all out and there just isn't anything I need that they have. Am I being a snob? What is the etiquette now days?

I'm trying to limit myself a tad by not going after anything with a Cardinal on it. Trying to stay with Topps Co. products only also trying to finish the 2012 Topps Heritage Minor League set.
as long as you reject it right away instead of just letting it linger I think your right.

You need to be happy with the trade you want. sometimes I help people out but this month I'm strict with trading because I want bowman draft next month.

I'm the same way, don't force yourself to find something just bc someone sends a offer.
Yeah, if you don't want what they have, just reject the trade.
you want to limit yourself by not going after cardinals but thats what you collect?
I believe he doesn't want to go after everything with a Cardinal on it. Showing more restraint, which can be hard to do. At least for me, occasionally.
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