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I would like to get a few trades knocked out this weekend. Here are some scans of a few that I have to offer. I have all of my available cards ft scanned into my photobucket here:

Send open offers please. Thanks

[Image: FrankRobinson.jpg][Image: JaysonWerth2.jpg][Image: HunterPence.jpg][Image: MadisonBumgarner.jpg][Image: PeteRose.jpg][Image: RyanLavarnway.jpg][Image: StarlinCastro2.jpg][Image: BookCard.jpg][Image: KosukeFukudome.jpg][Image: HanleyRamirez.jpg]
bump all still available
offer sent with comments
Check me, i like most of them.
offers sent
Check me for the Castro AU. Thanks!
demon: I didn't see anything I could use. Thanks though
Check me for the Pence please.
Aaron: I didn't see anything I could use. Thanks though
Id be interested in the.Castro
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