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*UPDATE* includes my most recent pick-ups (yellow plate, green /10, blue /99). The red is /25. The base is /861. I've also picked up a '12 Bowman refractor auto /500 and a '12 Bowman base auto. (Neither is pictured)

*Update 12-1-2012* Just picked up the magenta plate (pictured at bottom). Also, I picked up a '12 Bowman Chrome GOLD (not pictured). If you have any of the remaining plates, let me know! Also, I have multiple '11 Heritage autos /861 and '12 Bowman base autos I'd trade for cards I need. I'd especially like to pick up a TOPPS Chrome GOLD /50 (auto or non-auto).

Started a mini PC of Avisail Garcia in late August and have about 15 different cards (125+ total) including a few autos. -In case anyone's interested, here's what I got so far (I'm missing a couple, I believe, because I recently had to pack up my cards to get ready for a basement renovation). In any event, if anyone has any FT that I don't already have, I'll trade in your favor for anything non-Verlander/Cabrera/Stanton. Of course, if you trade those guys, let me know what you're after and I'll trade straight up. (Most of my PC stuff isn't marked FT, so you'll have to let me know).

I also have a couple '11 Bowman Chrome Dylan Bundy autos (base, refractor) in case anyone has any really low-numbered Garcias.

Thanks for looking.

[Image: Scan122930000_zps61acb3a9.jpg]

[Image: Scan122930001_zpsac2d29ef.jpg]

[Image: Scan122990000.jpg]

[Image: Scan122990002.jpg]

[Image: Scan123360005.jpg]
(New pick-up)
Nice cards! I have been picking up a few as well. No auto's yet though.
I recently picked up the yellow plate, green /10 and blue /99. If anyone has the BLACK (/1) or any of the other plates, let me know! Thanks for looking.
sick cards!! nice little collection you have going of this guy.
It's crazy, just earlier this year I saw him play a few games for the Lakeland Flying Tigers and now he's starting in the World Series. Awesome collection so far!
i like his auto.
Awesome collection. Hope he continues to do well this post season. He is a great addition to the Tigs.
12-1-12 update bump
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