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Hello everyone first and foremost thank you for viewing my thread as I have spent some time and money putting this rainbow set together. 2012 Finest Patch Auto 1 Card shy of Rainbow Set...Need the printing plates and /10 Prism Patch Auto and of course SuperFractor 1/1..I also have all of the base ref rc of ryan broyles I will put them up all together sometime soon...please enjoy

Base Patch Auto /1500
Blue Ref Patch Auto /99
Gold Ref Patch Auto /75
Red Ref Patch Auto /50
Pulsar Ref Patch Auto /25

[Image: broylesfinestpatchlot-1.jpg]
Very nice...congrats on near completion of the rainbow.
Sweet looking set. Cool patches on them all. Good luck completing it.
Nice work, keep it up.
Great looking
yeah unfortunately someone on Blowoutcards has the SuperFractor already so I am aiming for the /10 Prism patch auto.. I've missed out on 2 on ebay...Thanks for the nice comments everyone : )
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