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so my order came in and right away I opened and sent out my wrappers to get the redemption hopefully. It says it will be there Monday so lets hope

anyway on with the break! the autos were decent they seem like but I would like more info on the players. The printing plate is Carlos Alonso. I'm excited because it is my first one ever wooo! The Tony Cingrani auto is a refractor 346/500. Looks centered to my eye.

[Image: photo11_zpse7ba8953.jpg]

Next up is the color and some rookies
[Image: photo21_zps03ae3716.jpg]

and finally the inserts.
[Image: photo31_zps024126e7.jpg]

I'm waiting for pricing to come out before I sell or trade the RC of Darvish and Lawrie. As for the inserts, not sure how much they will be but I will definitley be open to trading them without a doubt or selling so offer me a price. also I need to do some research on these player autos before I decide if I want to sell/trade

I would love to hear your input.

Thanks for looking!

ooh shinies! check me for the freese and harper.
Nice stuff ! Always sweet to pull 3 auto's and a printing plate!
Cingrani is supposed to be a legit prospect....his stats looked the part...thats why Bowman Chrome is so great....there is always a chance to pull something decent and I love the chance to pull 2 autos in a box now....lets just hope it doesnt effect the pricing like Topps Chrome.
Would love to get the Skaggs and dbacks from you!
those are nice looking -would be interested in any Royals
If these are for trade, check me for the Darvish.
guys thanks for the offers on everything. Not sure what I want to do. The Harper is the only card I wanted of him this year so I'm going to keep that. Some cards I'm interested in selling because I want to get paypal money for Bowman Draft (Addison Russell and Joey Gallo)

The cingrani and Miller I'm going to keep and Smith I'll sell or trade...and eventhough my first printing plate, I'm trying to sell it.

Also wasn't there somebody on here that liked Justin Masterson? I pulled a gold refractor of him /50
Nice job on your first printing plate!
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