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I first want to start out with the 95-96 breaks. Although I only pulled 2 cards that book for $10 or more, this was alot of fun. I got the boxes off of ebay, in a lot, for just under $18 a piece. It was so nice pulling Jordans out of packs again, I felt like I was back in middle school lol. The 95-96 fleer box would have been considered a hot box back in the day. I pulled a hot pack (1:72) and there were 2 Jordan inserts (total d and hardwood leaders), ended up pulling 3 Jordan hardwood leaders, 2 Jordan total d's, 2 Jordan base cards, and a few nice grant hill and shaq inserts. You couldnt have asked for better players in the 90's. The stadium club was ok. I pulled 2 Garnett and Stackhouse rc inserts and the Shaq nemeses insert that is scanned. Collector's choice was a let down, I had my hopes high I was going to hit a Jordan platinum players club insert, but no dice. I did pull a Jordan crash the game card that I needed for my pc (scanned), but other then that the best hits (besides the jordan collection inserts I already have) was players club rc inserts of rasheed wallace and jerry stackhous. The platinum players club I pulled was a subset version of greg anthony lol. But all in all, the old school break was fun and I look forward to busting old wax again. Now onto the newer products. The 08-09 fleer was retail, since it was on sale on blowout for around $30, I figured it would be worth it to pull some rc's for trade bait. Shown in the scans, I pulled a Westbrook 86-87 fleer rc, a triple rose/beasley/mayo rc, and Bosh gu's. This years prestige imo seems to be made of better quality (card stock/design wise). I managed to pull a case hit (deron williams playmakers insert) but that box was also missing one of the advertised autos (ive been through this with panini several times and have already filed a claim). The first box had 2 Lebron base, no Kobe base, and no Irving or Davis rc's. The second box had 1 Kobe base and I pulled both of the top rcs. The hits were raymond felton and Durant gu's, Iman Shumpert rc auto, Brook Lopez auto, Tobias Harris rc auto (enjoyed watching him play for UT), Jared Cunningham rc auto, Raymond Felton redemption auto (redeemed but still for trade when it arrives), bonus shots gold /249 (pacer heavy lol) George Hill, Hansbrough, rc Orlando Johnson, and rc Jimmy Butler. Nothing crazy but it was fun to bust some wax again, still, like always, would have been nice to put all of the money into singles lol. All are ft/fs and in my organize.
[Image: IMG_0003-13.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0001-27.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0002-25.jpg]
I like the Shumpert!
Nice break!!!
Good to see you bust some wax again! I found a 95-96 Fleer box cheap at a card show a couple weeks ago and pulled one of the hot packs as well. Ended up w/ the whole Total D insert set and was so close on the others I picked them up for like .25 a piece on COMC haha.

Hope the enjoyment was worth the lack of singles for ya Smile
Fun breaks congrats on the goods
cool breaks, get any prestige suns rc's, base for trade?
(10-21-2012 01:38 PM)num1sunsfan Wrote: [ -> ]cool breaks, get any prestige suns rc's, base for trade?

open offer sent.
Nice redemption
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