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These are the RC that I am looking for;

2011-12 Upper Deck Victory
222 Jonathon Blum RC

2012-13 Score
503 Tyson Sexsmith HR RC
529 Mat Clark HR RC
543 Chris Kreider HR RC

2012-13 O-Pee-Chee
552 Carter Camper RC
554 Lane MacDermid RC
556 Michael Hutchinson RC
561 Brandon Bollig RC
563 Mike Connolly RC
566 Shawn Hunwick RC
567 Ryan Garbutt RC
568 Reilly Smith RC
570 Scott Glennie RC
573 Colby Robak RC
575 Kristopher Foucault RC
576 Jason Zucker RC
578 Chay Genoway RC
580 Robert Mayer RC
581 Chet Pickard RC
583 Casey Cizikas RC
586 Brandon Manning RC
587 Michael Stone RC
593 Carter Ashton RC
594 Ryan Hamilton RC
595 Jussi Rynnas RC

These are the RC that I have for trade;

2011-12 O-Pee-Chee
581 Drew Bagnall RC

2011-12 Score
502 Lance Bouma HR RC
503 Greg Nemisz HR RC
504 Marcus Kruger HR RC
508 Colton Sceviour HR RC
509 Tomas Vincour HR RC
512 Scott Timmins HR RC
514 Carson McMillan HR RC
518 Blake Geoffrion HR RC
519 Mark Katic HR RC
520 Mikko Koskinen HR RC
525 Andre Benoit HR RC
526 Roman Wick HR RC
528 Patrick Wiercioch HR RC
536 Carl Klingberg HR RC
537 Todd Ford HR RC
541 Zac Rinaldo HR RC
542 Matt Frattin HR RC
544 Jamie Doornbosch HR RC

2011-12 Upper Deck Victory
217 Scott Timmins RC
218 Drew Bagnall RC
219 Carson McMillan RC
228 Todd Ford RC
229 Jamie Doornbosch RC
239 Erik Gustafsson RC

2012-13 O-Pee-Chee
584 Matt Donovan RC

2012-13 Score
508 Jordan Nolan HR RC
509 Colby Robak HR RC
511 Ryan Garbutt HR RC
514 Casey Cizikas HR RC
515 Brandon Bollig HR RC
521 Jaden Schwartz HR RC
526 Reilly Smith HR RC
532 Matt Donovan HR RC
539 Jeremy Welsh HR RC
540 Chay Genoway HR RC
548 Mark Stone HR RC

Check my Org and send me an offer if you want to trade.
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