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Well I finally dug out my collection that I had in storage from my child hood and was hoping to see what some cards were worth and I stumbled on a 1996-1997 skybox Steve nash autograph. I've been looking online on what it's worth and it looks to be rare the cheapest I seen was 600 bucks on the eBay. But my question is how much is it really worth say the average going price for an ungraded one? Any help will be appreciated and btw it will be for sale if interested.

[Image: photo10_zpsb9aab50d.jpg]
[Image: photo11_zps34e9f10f.jpg]
the only one that has sold on ebay recently sold for 410 dollars. there are a couple on ebay right now, one starting at 99 cents that was listed last night. you might want to keep an eye on that one to see what it goes for
im pretty sure the 99 cent one is the op's auction.
Once you have a price pm me
Would you be interested in a trade & cash?
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