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Full Version: Mailday 10/19
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Got more Certified Freshman Fabrics for my set.

Got this from a trade with JK Amsterdam, thanks man
[Image: 10-15-201263953PM.jpg]

Got these two in a trade with robsvideos, thank you sir.
[Image: 10-18-2012115529PM.jpg]
[Image: 10-18-2012115432PM.jpg]

The rest are bay pickups

[Image: 10-18-2012115631PM.jpg]
[Image: 10-18-2012115820PM.jpg]
[Image: 10-18-2012115920PM.jpg]

Thanks for looking! got more incoming so stay tuned.
Nice and great choice for a set
Awesome additions to your set. Super clean design of the cards, which I like.
Nice cards, great adds!
Sweet set man!
Who is left? I have a vareen and green.....maybe a few others.....have to check
Thanks guys. Here are the cards I need to finish

Andy Dalton /499
Cam Newtion /299
A.J. Green /299
DeMarco Murray /499
Torrey Smith /499
Ryan Mallett /299
Steven Ridley /499
Christen Ponder /299
Jamie Harper /499
Blaine Gabbert /299
Marcell Dareus /499
Randell Cobb /499
Colin Keapernick /499
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