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Looking to trade for some of the autos I need, the rest will be for sale

Not the greatest break, Bauer might have saved it but eh.

AUTOS NOT FOR SALE/TRADE: Buckel, Jerez, Marsnick, Head and Hellweg

The Bauer is probably going on eBay but I do wanna sell it asap, so potentially buy another case.

[Image: scan0032-15.jpg]
[Image: scan0033-14.jpg]
[Image: scan0034-14.jpg]
[Image: scan0035-14.jpg]
[Image: scan0036-15.jpg]
[Image: scan0037-15.jpg]
[Image: scan0038-13.jpg]
[Image: scan0039-14.jpg]
[Image: scan0040-15.jpg]
[Image: scan0041-15.jpg]

[Image: scan0042-15.jpg]
[Image: scan0043-15.jpg]
nice haul man! check me for the cardinals colors, taveras and harper. still got that mccarthy Big Grin
I love the Bowman Chrome All-Star cards, die-cuts and colored refractor, but am scared of an awful box.
If you are looking to sell I am interested in all of the All Star Futures Cards, the Matt Moore die cut, a Matt moore base which I am assuming you got and the Strasburg Blue Refractor..
Interested in the Harper RC and the two Brad Miller autos.
Interested in Goldschmidt, Ian Kennedy, Trevor Bauer, Wade Miley cards you pulled.
Very interested in both bauers and also the harper. pm or check me please.
check my trade thread to see if you like anything for the Cody Buckel auto thanks
(10-19-2012 04:38 AM)arsenal1427 Wrote: [ -> ]check my trade thread to see if you like anything for the Cody Buckel auto thanks

Buckels not for trade, stated in my post.
Nice. Got the notice on the mailbox today. Will be pickin my case Monday or Tuesday. Le me know if you got any Kershaw or Ryan Zimmerman serial number.
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