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Nice box from chads-cards shop. Stopped in to fill out my "contract" for the card show this weekend and grabbed a box because I haven't opened any yet this year.

Holy RG3 cards. Wish the superfractor had a different Colt but I'll take it. And one-color patches, come on.

Holy hell on the superfractor. Outstanding pull. That is just a beautiful card. Congratulations.
Dual auto super? Yikes!
Awesome pull congrats!!
If the superfractor is for trade i would be interested great pull btw
WOW...nice pulls there....could use the griffin atomic diecut for my set if it ft....
check me for the jenkins.
Nice break ed, yeah thatd be a hell of a pull if luck was on that super! Also have a big group together for me to look at @ the show. Maybe I can give you a few hundred dollar sale before it starts
Damn sweet all the RG3s and a super, grats!
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