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I haven't picked up any yet and was wondering what your guys thoughts were on the product if you have busted some?

Pics always are good too Smile
pretty good design on the mirror cards, love the mirror blacks

Not sure who that guy is though ^

These also look nice
I opened a box yesterday! Cards and quality are good, like Elite and Topps Finest. However the box was a total bust. Nothing special, a lot of old timers cards, and only one autograph of Turrin from the Seahawks.
Looks like a solid product but I will probably stay away from busting boxes and just buy the singles that I want.
From the breaks on the other forum the base design looks much improved, but also like we may have been spoiled for a few years on the FotG set, they look less interesting this year.
ok...i cannot lie...i was CRUSHED not to see ANY NFL die-cut Prime Patch cards...Sad the ALL-PRO,Vet,HOF player triple patches were the absolute signature of Certified IMO.... was unimpressed to say the least...and will not be givving Panini ANY of my hard earned cash....probable ever for a box...lost another customer..
i will be buying singles... if i EVER see a Patch card that is not a Worthless rookie that is....GAME USED OR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pretty cool overall design. Not a huge fan of the FOTG this year. Also kind of disappointed that they still have practice pictures for a lot of the rookies. We are a month and a half into the regular season, not to mention the month of preseason games. Had just been hoping we would see more game shots of guys by now.
I like the designs!
I don't like them at all. They remind me of another set that escapes me. I will think of it, and reply again. Base card just looks familiar. Not feeling that autograph either. Just wish everything would just still be anchored to the first certified release. Changes are good, but if you have history - stick with it!
The design is is alright. Everything I have seen are sticker autos even the Freshman fabric which where on card last year. I watch a 32 box break and the best card was a RG3 auto. Its really really hard to pull something even remotely good.
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