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ladies and gentlemen...

2012 elite passing the torch Marino/Brees 01/20

[Image: 83B3BF45-F323-4558-AEFA-FC62D942A36E-318...30D00B.jpg]

[Image: 02E2F104-16C2-4A9B-88A9-A762150C6819-318...B63635.jpg]
absolutely beautiful
Wow, that is a monster card. Congratulations on getting it.
Very Nice Big Grin
Gimme gimme Big Grin . Absolutely sexxxxyyyy card, grats!
The 1st one... Sweet.
Seems Gem Mint.
Great card man!
thanks all...better than christmas morning!!!

i will def get this guy graded
That is quite the card. Congratulations man.
Drool, drool, drool.....Beautiful, crisp autos too!
Awesome. Now i need to get one. Love it.
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