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I've recently purchased several patch cards that are to thick to fit in my normal 9 pocket pages. Do they make pages that will fit the thicker cards.
I don't know. If they don't fit, you could topload them.
For now that's where they are but being a PC I'd really like to keep them all together in a binder.

I looked on blowout and looks like the best thing available are the 6 pocket pages that have wider slots. But don't really need 100 of them either. lol
I think my LCS has them for 35 cents a page. How many do you need? I'll check for you.
I'd be concerned that binder pages wouldn't be the best way to protect thicker cards. It seems like binder pages would put more wear and tear on them. -Just my opinion. I keep my PC cards in top loaders, in boxes. I agree with you that it's not the ideal way to view your collection.

I'd like someone to build a nice looking picture frame that would perfectly hold 2-3 rows of 2-3 columns of cards for display purposes. (I'm picturing acrylic slats that you just slide the cards into). Use that museum glass that keeps the light off of paintings. I've seen those wooden shadow boxes and cabinets, but that's not what I'm talking about. -If anyone has seen something like this, let me know. Maybe I'll start a new thread.
I did a little research, and I think what you need is a toploader binder. Here's a youtube video review of one that I found:

Here's a link to a site that appears to sell them. It looks like they sell sleeves that accommodate thick cards too.

Also, while I was at it, I found some nice baseball card pictureframe display cases.
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