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Wife just bought me 3 boxes of the 2012 Topps Update hanger boxes, the ones that are like $9.99 each. I've only opened 1 box so far but it was so amazing I had to come on here and brag.

Here's what was in the box

1 - Bryce Harper RC US183 (running pose)
1 - Starling Marte RC US109
1 - Matt Adams RC US179
1 - George Brett SP US37
1- Mike Trout All-Star (non SP) US144
1- Derek Jeter All-Star (non SP) US119
1 - Andrew McCutchen Gold US9 (1978/2012)
1 - Yu Darvish 1987 Mini TM-112
1 - Cal Ripken Jr. Golden Moments GM-U30

The Golden Giveaway card was for an Astros coin

One of the best hanger boxes I've gotten in awhile.
Wow, that's a better score than what I got out of 2 blaster boxes from Walmart lol
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