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Full Version: 2011 Topps Five Star
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Good thing I got this for much cheaper than retail, it was the worst of the 4 I have busted. Can't complain too much though, the Vereen Red Zone was an extra auto hit and the MJD will fit in nicely with my collection of RB's and I like that it says "authentic game used patch" right on the front of it. I also got nearly what I paid in BV which is actually better than I did on any of my Finest or Platinum breaks unfortunately. Everything is FT, but the MJD will take a PC hit to get away from me.

[Image: 5star.jpg]

Shane Vereen Red Zone /100
Bilal Powell /199
Mark Ingram /88
Daniel Thomas/Bilal Powell /20
Jordan Todman /25 (Rainbow Version)
Maurice Jones-Drew /25 (Rainbow Version)
Nice MJD, bud! I see you got struck by the Bilal/Todman bug. lol.
Can you look at me for the Vereen please? Thanks
What do you need for the Bilal Auto just him, not the one with Thomas
Nice dual auto
mjd is sweet, as is the dual
(10-16-2012 08:45 PM)xXWhoDaTXx Wrote: [ -> ]Can you look at me for the Vereen please? Thanks

I only see 3 autos FT in your org. Do you have anything else?
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