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Curious to know how good a signer he is. I bought tickets to watch my Phins play here in Indy on November 4th and was hoping to snag an auto of him and a few other players in the gap before kickoff. Anyone had any luck with him or any other Dolphins signing autographs at games home or away?

I dont know but you better raise hell and support our team lol.
Done deal lol. Can't be too loud though as my GF is a diehard Colts fanatic and she will bring the wrath on me if I do lol. But people will notice my presence lol
Went ahead and bought an 8x10 of Ryan and a Rawlings logo ball for anyone else. Fingers crossed...
Good luck, I'm going to the home game vs Buffalo so hopefully I can catch one there. In all honesty though I would try to get an auto of his wife first lol
(10-23-2012 03:13 PM)HenneFan007 Wrote: [ -> ]Went ahead and bought an 8x10 of Ryan and a Rawlings logo ball for anyone else. Fingers crossed...

SHould try a mini helmet!
more than llikely, you will not be able to bring the ball in. not sure how it is up there, but at ray jay, i can bring in minis and helmets, but not footballs
Sorta blows since I already bought it lol. I checked Lucas Oil Stadiums list for items that are not allowed and the only thing I read that would relate to a football would be under "a missle related object"? They sell footballs at the Pro Shop so IDK I'll have to check further into it.
Well it does seem like the ball isn't going to be allowed in so now on top of being out $26 I have to go find a mini and buy it. Ugh...
Was lucky enough to snag the last Phins mini at the LCS/Memorabilia store. I'll probably bring the football just in case. If they allow it I will have the mini and 8x10 signed by Tannehill saying I'm lucky enough and whoever else I can get will go on the ball. AS stated I'm hoping Tannehill signs so I can ask for his towel or wristband after the game. Seats are low and right by their tunnel for this very reason lol.
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