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buckles2335 is a very good trader, left him feedback but i thought id share to the forums that he completed a trade with me giving me a 58 topps Mantle AS, and he was very fair when it came to condition of the card and what he wanted in return. I had a few trades that took me a while to ship a while back and was labeled by the mods as a must ship first trader and buckles2335 didnt let that detour him in making a trade with me or shipping the same day the trade was accepted, GREAT TRADER thats all i really wanted to say, thanks
seeing the heading I was like "oh please dont bash buckles they are nice" hahaha

but yes buckles is a good trader...made one with them before... great with everything
110% agreed
Glad to see things are back on track.
I've had great trade success with buckles too. Renfrow, let me know if you want to trade. I'll help you get back on track. Looking for Verlander and Baltimore Ravens.
I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. renfrow831 sent me a sweet Heyward auto, for my PC. He shipped fast and the cards were great. Thank you for the shout out. GO BRAVES!!!
Also did my first trade in here with Buckles...and im from Canada!!
Thanks again
I just had some dealings with buckles. Def a great trader
I have enjoyed all the traders on here and havent had a bad trade yet. Beckett is a great trading community. All of you are awesome!!!
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