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Full Version: I need opinions asap!
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So I need to run to walmart asap to grab a new all in one.

I have had to call overseas three times in the past 48 hours....they fix it...then it get messed again,

Im currently using a Kodak and its horrible,

Any opinions on the best all in one for the money.

I have to get it in the next couple hours because I have things that need shipped in the morning.
Wish I could help, bud. I'm clueless on these kind of things.
Are we talking about printers/scanners lol just wanting to make sure. If so I'd recommend a HP. They have been really solid for me whether at school or back home. A few have wireless capabilities now but if u don't need it to be wireless then don't get it as I think the ones you still plug in by USB are better. Look to see what feedback there is in the ink too because some ink cartridges last a while and others run out quickly.
I really do not know but the one I got through Dell back in 07 has been great. Hope you can fix you issues asap bro.
Over the years, I have found Lexmark to be very dependable. I've had no problems with my current all-in-one that was bought about 3 years ago. Before that, I had others that seemed to only last about a year before something happened and would cost more to fix than it did to buy a new one. Before all-in-ones were pretty affordable, I had a Lexmark printer and it still works to this day!
Personally, I would stay away from HP. Customer support is terrible, especially once it is more than a year old. Quality is kind of hit-or-miss with them.
Epson is also a good company/product, but the ink replacements are sometimes harder to find and slightly more expensive.
Currently, I have a Lexmark X5650 and it has been good to me. No problems mechanically and the 2 different ink cartridges (a black AND a 3-color) aren't too expensive. I hope this helps.
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