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Full Version: OT: Ebay Ethics.
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So, I sold a plate on ebay and the buyer hadn't paid in a week so I put it back up and it sold immediately. The first seller then messaged me sating he could pay in a day or so. I informed him that I sold it to someone else and now he's upset. Well, he did not inform me that he was out of town and could not pay. Am I the bad guy here?
did you contact the buyer before relisting?
(10-15-2012 08:00 PM)jacobystealshome Wrote: [ -> ]did you contact the buyer before relisting?

I did not, which is why I am taking partial blame, but he could have contacted me as well. He had the ability to send me a best offer so he should have had the ability to send me a message
lack of communication is always a bad thing, and is the major issue in a majority of ebay disputes. in this case, it was on both sides. if he was going to need extra time, he should have contacted you asap. and while it isnt required for you to contact him before relisting, it is good business

1 email from either one of you and this isnt an issue

chalk it up as a learning experience, move on.
I dont understand people who bid but dont pay. I would have done the same. I beleive per ebay rules, you must pay within 5 days, but if u dont have the money, dont bid....
If a buyer doesnt pay open the case 1st. Once the case closes you can do whatever you want. But until it is officially closed by ebay you can get negatives and get your butt in a jam.
I personally don't even bid if I can't pay immediately. I literally will watch the listing end, and checkout immediately, or will check out the listing first thing after work and pay.

Here are several separate, but connected, points as I see them:

POINT - To be blunt, relisting and selling it to someone else without even dropping an email about it and giving him a day to write back wasn't really the coolest thing to do. I agree you shouldn't have to wait a week for a transaction to be completed, but you should have at least sent an email saying "Heads up, it's been a week, if I don't hear from you in 24 hours, it's relisted, no regrets, and you are a non-paying-bidder."

POINT - He's just as much to blame because he didn't contact you about needing any more time. As said above, a message about being away from a computer for the next week or so would have at least given you an idea that it would be that long before hearing from the buyer.

POINT - EBay / Paypal has an APP for smartphones that allow you to buy/sell/pay thru your phone. Unless this buyer was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or floating thru the Mariana Trench, there's no way they couldn't make the deal. That is, unless they didn't have the money to start with, which case no bid should have been made.

Final conclusion - You were within your right, but no communication from your side makes you look a little harsh..

EDIT - As mentioned, a "non-Paying-Bidder" report to EBay should have been your first move before relisting.
First of all, you used two words that should always be used together, but hardly ever are... ebay and ethics.

As to your question...

First thing it says to do is to talk to the buyer. Second is to open a case.
Just had a similar situation. I sold a Cam Newton Jersey card but the person did not pay. I waited mandatory 7 days, and opened a case and re-listed the card. literally 5 minutes after I get the first bid on the new listing a payment shows up out of nowhere! I realize what happened so I tried to end the auction but it has been bid on and less than 12 hours remain, so I take the first buyers payment, package the card up and send it to him, and sit on that second listing until it ends and mark it as paid as soon as it ends and send an apology to the second person. I hope everything is understood for the second buyer, but the first buyer gave me NO indication it would be paid or when even after the case was open for two or three days.

I hate it when people don't pay, it has only happened to me twice, but that is more than enough in my opinion. I personally do not bid unless I intend to pay within 24 hours of the auction ending. I don't want to drag the seller through a long drown out process. As a seller, once the auction has ended, that is money sitting there in the top loader, not a card.
Anytime I list an item and the bidder doesn't pay I file a case as soon as I can. Once the case is complete and closed, then I relist the item. I know it sucks to wait for all of this, but it is the process and not completing it can result in receiving a payment as happened and negative feedback.
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