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Got my order in from dacardworld yesterday (would have had it friday, but I missed the delivery guy by 10 minutes - dayum!!!) as well as a new beckett and a free box of 1996 Upper Deck USA Deluxe Gold edition. Did pretty good on the set colation for prestige - all of the base for a keeps set and most of a second set (minus PC players and a few others - about 95% of a second set), also did pretty good on the RC's - 22 2011 draft picks (kemba walker being the standout) and 26 of the 2012 draft picks (yes, I got the uni-brow). Only doubles I got on inserts were Kobe Bryant a Demar Derozen franchise favourites. also two doubles from the kobe anthoology packs. The prestige hits are as follows:
Old School Autographs - #29 Glen Rixe Exchange
Prestigious Picks Autographs - Bismac Byombo, Nikola Vucevic, Jeremy Tyler, Darius Morris, Terrence Ross.
Inside the Numbers Materials - Mike Conley, Luol Deng
True Colors Materials Prime - Ryan Anderson

The USA box was definitely an odd box. All I need for the set now (beside the update cards for Barkley and Richmond) is #33 Glenn robinson GR1. But I did three more update trade cards as well as two - yes two - SP Statistics Gold cards. all this from an 11 pack box. Go figure.
I Have duplicates and triplicates of some rookies. Not sure if you are looking to complete the set with the rookies but I can make them available for trade if you are interested.
Going for a complete set would be nice - assuming there's no sp's among the RC's in this set. lmk who you collect and I'll see what i can do.
I am looking to try and complete my second set 1-250 but I still have rookies to spare. Let me know what numbers you need and maybe we can trade some duplicates for duplicates. Also, I will work on getting my duplicates loaded too.
give me a day or two to get things sorted. I've got no doubles of any RC's just the base cards, but did get doubles of LeBron and Kobe - so that's a bonus, i suppose.
If you are trading would love a shot at the Bismac auto Smile
Sweet rice auto
Hey, I could use that Deng.. Thanks, Ethan
Not trading any of the auto's. Atteberry .... I'll have to assess the esthetics of the card in comparison to my other white bulls swatch cards I have or Luol. I'l lget back to you.
would you trade the terrence auto for a kendall marshall?
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