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Hello, I'm not a UFC card collector at all and dont know much about UFC fighters or values of cards. I tried a few packs the other day from 2011 Topps Title Shot and pulled a Stephan Bonnar Fighter Auto diamond version serially numbered 1/1. Its stated on the pack that ratio of getting one is 1:5566 packs (or something close to that nubmer). It has also a 1st autograph stamp on front of the card. I haven't been able to find any other ones on sale anywhere on the Web. Can someone please tell me what the value of this card may be? I dont want to undersell it but also want to make sure I get fair price for it. Any assitance is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
The 1st autograph stamp just signifies its his first appearance in a Topps UFC product for an auto. Bonnar I a fairly popular mid-level fighter and does have some collecting value. My guess you coul get $100-$150 with the right buyer. I could see it as low as $75 or in a bidding war since it is the 1/1 version of his 1st auto go for $200 also. Hope this helps and I will be curious to see others opinions.
Thanks syaney! I'll let you guys know on here if/when I sell it. Hopefully, I can get more than that Wink If anyone with Paypal access wanna make me an offer, that's fine by me as well. Let me know.
heh, it posted with my other ID, i always confuse the two Smile
Update: card sold for $110 tonight. Not bad, even though its didn't go as high as I had hoped for. Probably will be buying few more UFC packs in the near future and hoping for another big pull Smile)
Congrats.....I was following it on eBay. Id say 100-150 was a pretty good guess on the value. Hope its not your last UFC cards.
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