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Full Version: 1 box 06 UD Ovation
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[Image: 06udovation001_zps9312cf79.jpg]
Not bad at all, considering I spent like $35 on the box. Griffey is PC, others will be available at some point.
Very cool
sweet hit - I don't collect David Wright, but that is a sharp looking card as well
Man, either people on these boards are lucky or those Griffeys are plentiful. I remember a little while back someone else pulled one. I bought two boxes a year or so ago, I love Ovation. I still need base cards 59 and 69, also trying to put together the rookies, you should have pulled one. Let me know if you have them and if they are available. Thanks!
very nice man. I really dig that DWright insert even though I hate the Mets Tongue
nice Griffey auto too!
Now that's $35 well spent!
(10-17-2012 03:08 AM)aprirr Wrote: [ -> ]Now that's $35 well spent!

My thoughts exactly. $35 for a sweet Griffey auto!?! Awesome!
Great pull. Congratulations. Definitely got your money back.
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