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I'm a team set collector and decided I want to complete a set from the 70's. Picking 1972 because I think that was the year I bought my first pack of cards which are now long gone. I have a question for the vintage set builders. What is or are the most important factors you use when choosing a card for your set? For example corners, centering, etc. Thanks for any info.

If you decide that your doing this set I have 645 doubles and triples that are extra for my 72 set if interested LMK
I like to put my sets in albums so eye appeal is very important to me. I can handle some corner wear, slight dings and/or a few surface wrinkles or very light creases. What I will not buy or trade for are cards that are off-register, more than 70/30 off-center, diamond-cut, or heavy creasing.
I try to get something that would at least get a Beckett 7.
Good color/sharp image, 70/30 min centering after that edges and corners. Back is not an issue unless they where previously glued down. Look for HOF cards with stats circled - they go for next to nothing because they dont grade high.
'72's a nice set, but the last two series are a bear - I stopped at about 85% - with most stars - couldent rationalize the price for hi series commons.
Good Luck
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