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Full Version: Card Show Pickups
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Small show at a mall this weekend, went with my trade box and came away with these:

[Image: cardshowtrade_0001.jpg]

Dalton patch card 28/50
Dalton auto 188/299
Jimbo 43/99 with just a hint of stitching
Green 264/299 (!)
Hawk 322/849
Smith 7/20 part of the logo

and this sweetie

[Image: cardshowtrade_0002.jpg]
Nice haul....need a replacement my friend for that Green?
Nice pickups....congrats
Very nice A.J. Green! Nice pick ups!
Nice stuff!
Really like the AJ Green Big Grin . Nice pickups on the Daltons and the rest as well!
Great pick ups!! Love the Dalton & AJ autos!
Nice haul. You know I like that AJ.
Great pick-ups brother!...Er...except the packer trash of course
Oops...sorry LL4.
Sick AJ
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