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I went to the local Target and they had a few blasters in the discount bin for $12.00. There was two of these, one had MJ on the box and the other had LeBron. I am not really sure why but I picked them both up because I am now trying to complete a second set 1-295. This is most of the pieces that are FT if there is any interest.

UD Masterpieces
Kobe Bryant
Larry Bird (Not FT, gave to my wife)

Steph Curry (2)- These are for trade. I have about six of them
Ricky RUbio
Other rookies were pulled. LMK if interested because I have them all.

Now Appearing
Baron Davis

Dual Game Materials
Two garbage pieces. One with Yao and one with Shawn Marion. Right into the common inserts box.
Not to bad
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