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Well as you fans know season three starts tonight.

Here are my S3 Predictions.

-Carl continues to be annoying

-Daryl does some baddass stuff like always

-Glenn and that chick get it on alot

-Carol starts to actually do something

Lets get some more from you all
I love it...I won't say anything because I have already read the books Smile

The governor is a sick sick individual...I'm anxious to see how they portray him in the series
I think they all go to prison for murder....

Yeah I dont read the comics but ive heard they dont do everything the same. Like shane apparently dies right away in the comics but he made it two seasons on the show. Im excited for the first episode for long as daryl doesnt die
Supposedly, he's pretty sick on the show too, what they can show on TV. There was an article on TWD in Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago, and I got the cover featuring the Governor. I haven't read the comics, but I know some about him after reading the article.
Yea Carl shoots Shane in the head very early.
The comics are different..but they are very good. will be interesting to see..
In the comics......

POSSIBLE not read if you don't want to know...

Kidnaps the chick with the sword, can't spell her name, and rapes her many many times
Cuts ricks hand off, kills lots of main characters, keeps his daughter (that has been turned into a zombie) on a chain in his house...has her teeth taken out so he could make out with her,
Has Lori and their new baby killed...

So yea, it's bad stuff
No spoils brent!
Just saw an extended trailer for the new series... Someone is baaaaaaack! S/He was gone from all of last season.
Gonna be awesome tonight!! I want to nominate some players to be walkers.....

Brian Hartline! great game today
Steven jackson! Nice work.

Fanatasy stiffs might as well just walk around like a zombie
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