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Full Version: Jeter out for season
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Didn't know it was a fractured ankle that happened to Jeter in the 12th inning. Just a few minutes after the game a fracture was confirmed & will be out until next year. Hope he comes back just as strong next year.

EDIT: this was incorrectly put in the trade section by mistake.
Man, what a blow for the Yankees. Hope he'll be good to go for next year.
Dont know how they will win even one more game without him, unless CC throws a no hitter or something. The chances of that against a team with a triple crown winner are pretty slim.
Yeah, it sucks. He was like the only guy hitting for us.
yea what a bummer, injury takes aprox 3 months to heal i think..yankees are in trouble without him..
(10-14-2012 12:07 PM)ja1091 Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, it sucks. He was like the only guy hitting for us.

For as long as I live I will never ever forget what Ibanez has done for us this year, but we cant expect it from him every at bat and he cant win the series by himself.
This is were the rest of the team needs to step it up(offensively). Captain is down, let's see what everyone has. Maybe this will fuel the rest of the team to do well.
While I will never be a Yankees fan, I would never wish for someones season to end like this. I give Jeter credit, the dude has passion for the game and plays his heart out every time. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery and doesn't end his career like this.
I'm not a Jeter fan but I do respect his game. As a Tiger fan I can honestly tell you I'm not at all happy about him being done for the rest of the post season. I do hope he comes back healthy next year and for a few more years after. I'd enjoy watching him get to 4000 and possibly becoming the all time hit leader. Jeter is a rare breed these days and is someone that alot of young players can learn from his example.
After watching todays game, It seems like it didnt fuel anybody up. They are all cold with their bats........
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