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Full Version: tonight's pickup
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2011 panini playbook 12/49

[Image: D9934976-6B46-47FC-93CA-45140CADC634-139...97E21A.jpg]

[Image: 76D04510-3415-4618-AFFD-3BC998AAAEFA-139...31FF7C.jpg]
Why is rivers on that card and not big ben! Haha
Tom Brady/Aaron Rodgers jersey number... NICE!
Sweet book. Cut the stafford section out for me and mail it to me Smile
Great looking booklet. Those things are always cool to look at. Nice addition to your nasty collection.
thanks all..i have been trying to grab this for awhile but people were asking ridiculous prices!
was able to grab this one at half BV
That thing is sweet!
(10-14-2012 12:05 PM)warcraftin Wrote: [ -> ]That thing is sweet!

thank you...wish it was an auto booklet, but i guess it will do Smile
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