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Full Version: Some of my Hanson TTT
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im in the process of moving so i havent been able to post mail in a bit but here are some of my bigger hanson triple threads

[Image: DSC01250.jpg]

[Image: DSC01264.jpg]

[Image: DSC01254.jpg]

[Image: DSC01263.jpg]

[Image: DSC01258.jpg]

[Image: DSC01257.jpg]

[Image: DSC01256.jpg]

[Image: DSC01255.jpg]
(10-13-2012 02:21 PM)alexs64 Wrote: [ -> ]Heads up

thanks at first he wanted 180 came down a little bit
Those are some nice patches/autos.
Looks like you have cornered the Triple Threads Hanson market. Very nice!
great cards as usual prime time! i do hate that topps makes a card of a pitcher with a picture of the pitcher batting! unreal, put a pic of him striking out a guy!!
glad to see you are still holding down the Hanson fort!!
Love me some TTT. Smile Awesome cards you've picked up there.
Awesome cards! Really hope he can have a great year next year! Some of the Braves beat guys are saying he's barely gonna make the rotation next year! Unreal to think that.
Look what I have!

[Image: ttthanson.jpg]
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