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I know my name is YankeeMike (I have no clue how to change your username,if you even can. Let me know if it's possible),but I am a die hard Longhorn fan!! OU just scored,as I type this,haha, but we can bounce back w/ David Ash. WVU Game was sooooo close. GO HORNS! HOOK 'EM! TEXAS FIGHT! Can't wait until next week when I'm in Austin for the Baylor game!

::: My Tattoo When It Was 'Fresh' A Few Years Ago - Obsessed Much? Haha :::
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Rivalrys are different....

'GiG 'Um!
How do you feel about the game now?
(10-13-2012 02:24 PM)aviat0rshades Wrote: [ -> ]How do you feel about the game now?

Wow....butt whuppin'
Yeeeashhh... They got their asses handed to them... Painful game... They should be embarrassed with that crappy performance...
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