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This card is exploding right now!! It will be very interesting to see where it finishes tomorrow night.

This card is already setting a wrestling card price record and is sure to go higher with this kind of action.

It is great to see high end wrestling cards getting the respect they deserve!!

Final price was $2,871 + $17.50 for shipping
That's an insane price....but worth it to those set builders...

(10-15-2012 08:53 AM)dpeck1000 Wrote: [ -> ]

Final price was $2,871 + $17.50 for shipping
Neither of the top two bidders have bid on another wrestling card when you click on their EBAY ID to see their bidding history. I am pretty familiar with who bids on the wrestling cards and I think this was a case of someone wanting to own a landmark card.

If this was a PSA 10 the price would have been much higher and I would have been chasing it myself. I own one of the two PSA 9 examples and I paid $1,820 for it so this price is less shocking to me.

This card has great corners and surface which are huge for an Andre but PSA grades these cards much more difficulty and this would have gotten a much lower grade for centering as the top to bottom is off
and has no chance of crossing over to PSA if someone tried. They should just leave it where it is and enjoy the card.

I think there is virtually no chance a PSA 10 surfaces and perhaps a slightly higher chance another BGS 9.5 surfaces and for now someone can say the have the highest graded copy from a third party grader.

The yellow cards from the 82A and 82B have very little lower border in many cases and so finding a true mint copy is tough. There are no Hogan PSA 10's and none of the BGS 9.5's will cross with several being PSA 8's at best.

While I have said many times I do not see a Hogan PSA 10 ever surfacing due to centering if it did that would blow people's minds what it would sell for. A Hogan PSA 9 sells for more then a BGS 9.5 and my estimate for a Hogan PSA 10 would be north of $5,000.

The Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair cards from this set are the very few cards that non wrestling collectors are buying and are American pop culture icons and this will continue. Many of these collectors have no interest in starting a major wrestling collection but certainly would not mind owning a strong example of these legendary cards.
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