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Saw this thread, noticed it kind of fell off the face of the planet.... So, I decided to recreate this thread, all credit goes to Rogue for the rules and the idea.


1)The giving will be done on this thread anywhere else is not following the rules on this endeavor.
3) There is no limit on BV, but something nice is always cool.
4) You will then post the cards you received on the thread.
5) You will choose 1 name for the list and PM Me (Chicagobears26) the name of the name you chose. we will then PM you the address so it can be mailed and received as a complete surprise to the recipient.
6) Your name will be crossed out from the list until everyone trying this out has received something.
7) Participating members need to have been ACTIVE & TRUSTED Beckett members for 6+ months.
8) Finally, member who wish to participate must have a minimum of 5 completed trades here on Beckett and good trader feedback.

One final note, if you wish to participate, PM me your address. We will wait to get a couple of people before we kick it off so that we can get a healthy rotation going. I will start off the list.

I am in for Earl Bennett and Bears.

Lets see if we can get this going again!~~~

Updated list!!!~

Chicagobears26 - Earl Bennett, Bears
Chads-Cards - Keary Colbert, Sean Taylor, Steelers
DayTripper66 - Saints, Reggie Bush, Marques Colston, Darren Sproles
RoostersClassics11: Redskins
JkiddlRiddnour - Dominique Rodgers Cromartie
Cox1781 - Felix Jones, Darren Mcfadden, Randy Moss, Michael Vick, Brett Favre, and Cowboys.
MannyEsco - Steve Young, Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Veron Davis, Kendall Hunter, NaVorro Bowman, David Carr, Ryan Mathews And Joey Porter.
MrDub - Saints, Aaron Hernandez.

Figured it would ruin the surprise if someone had to ask for my addy, so I will post it on here.

Brendan Lindner
1949 Joe Pool Drive
Little Elm, Texas 75068
United States
id be in as always
I would suggest only doing 5 or 6 members so it doesnt stall out like the last 2 did lol
I'm in.
Brane, good idea, we will do 6. So I have me, Day, and Chad. Bump to find 3 more people~
I wouldnt mind the Skins or sharing them with another member
Bump for only needing 4 more people~~~
Bump TTT!
Buh buh buh bumpin!
I was in the last 2... and it didn't get to my turn... can I join this one?
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