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Wife stopped by the LCS for me on the way home from work so I could open some wax. She picked a box with the last digit being #7. Lucky? Possibly.

Sorry for bad pictures; still no scanner lol

[Image: rookie1_zps36d652b8.jpg]

[Image: rookie2_zps381fe91a.jpg]
Shenn and De Hann

[Image: rookie3_zps0d33bf28.jpg]

[Image: mcquaid_zpsa901c500.jpg]

[Image: weissdual_zpsa0944a6a.jpg]

[Image: mariojersey_zps37273124.jpg]
^ My wife was hoping to get a good Pens card because of no hockey :*(

And then on the 4th pack in, I was like "oh sweet a Roy card numbered 9/15." I put it aside and she goes "oooo that's a pretty card and cool looking jerseys".... wait what?!

[Image: roypatches_zps6c0db044.jpg]


Probably not a big big hit, but this is by far the SICKEST card I've ever pulled. I've never been able to pull patches like this EVER. This card is a pure beauty!

I miss hockey.....
Sick sick sick Roy card.
I just pulled a Steve Mason with nice double patch too. It's in my thread! Those are great looking cards!
Probably not a big hit? Are you out of your mind??? o.O Haha! Amazing pull! Patrick Roy is the most sought-after goalie in the game, and in the top 5 overall! Congrats and thanks for the share!

Yeah, not a big hit. If you don't want it just send it my way! Tongue
That would be a big hit to me!!
Awesome hit, I'd be proud to land it for sure! In fact, if it's available....
Oh wowowowowowow
Great Roy! LMk if the Schenn and De Hann Team Canadas are FT, and the Lemieux as well
Wow great card on the Roy. Artifacts has great cards this year.
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