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Full Version: Did I sell to cheap??
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I pulled a Mike Richards 12-13 Artifacts patch /36 and I didnt know what Richard cards sold for so I just threw it on ebay for $39.99 and it was bought like literally right when I posted it for sale, which got me wondering, do you guys think I listed that for to cheap??

Heres the link of what the patch looked like:
Being a Richards fan I think you made out really good. Card has a sweet patch but I an guessing that you got more than what the BV will be when it comes out. I would guess 1.5x the BV.
Someone else might be more of an expert...but just by checking past auctions I think you did fine...maybe even got a great deal....
Thanks guys. I did the completed listings first before I listed it, but didnt see any of that card. There was one like it that was a stick/jersey /15 I think that sold for around the same price... I thought I did just fine with the $39, I was just surprized it was sold that quick and didnt even recieve a best offer so it made me 2nd guess the price...
I think you did great I bought a Bourque /36 for $29.99
U did fine
Sounds pretty decent, ive got a Richards Emerald Horizontal /50 i think, from last years and its BV is almost half if not half of that. I think you did awesomely well.
You stole the show with that one, Scott! It is a great card, and you just happened to post it when the right buyer came along. Congrats!

Stanley Cup Champions... Who wouldnt pay that much for a Kings card?

On a serious note, I would agree with the rest. I think you made out well on that one. It is a nice looking card.
though in no way whatsoever am I a expert or even have much knowledge at all about cards value but to me getting that much right away and getting paid for it is great

likeothers said you probably happened to just post it when the right buyer was looking and perhaps you had a specific card some wanted for a long time
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