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What do most collectors feel are the most worth while non-autograph parallel sets to collect from Topps 2012 products? I am finding that Triple Threads prices seem to lower than the other products but the cards are actually pretty nice. I really like Topps Chrome and the numbered rainbow they produce each year too.

When you combine design, collectability, scarcity, and long term value which sets wins and which one would you avoid?

I already a purchased a lot Cincinnati Reds parallels in Topps Chrome and I am currently looking at Triple Threads. Finest seems like a lost product because Chrome and Tribute seem very similar to the old 1990’s Topps staple except they provide more value.
Triple Threads parallels don't sell as well because they aren't shiny. At least I feel thats why. They tend to be less asthetically(sp?) pleasing. I prefer Chrome and Finest. I do pick up Tribute parallels when I can though
I'm a big Topps Chrome fan, Finest second and probably Bowman Sterling third.
(10-12-2012 03:29 PM)Haze28 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm a big Topps Chrome fan, Finest second and probably Bowman Sterling third.

Yeah, me too, only Finest is a close second for me.
I'm a fan of chrome except for the year they ALL came bow shaped and full of white powder. That almost drew me away. And in 2010 when most of them were off centered badly.
I think it was the same year/.....
Thanks, up until this year Triple Threads would easily have been near the bottom of my list but I like the 2012 product. For a non Topps product Panini's cracked ice were decent. The general Topps product has fun parallels too.

Back in the 1990's when parallel sets started to become the norm the gold and silver signatures from Collector's Choice are my all time favorite.
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