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After a good run at the gym this morning and having just received my ever anticipated payday, I headed over to Wayne's Sports Cards to wet my whistle on a box of product. Though the selection of product was always grand and difficult to choose from, curiosity got the better of me and I settled on the newest Upper Deck hockey product. I was pleasantly surprised, what can I say.

The highlights have got to be the Robitaille dual jersey #/36 and the Bourque jsy/patch #/24. Definitely not a "meh" break, it was pretty solid...except for the autograph, I didn't even know that Grossman still played in the NHL:

[Image: 1112artifacts.jpg]
Nice box break. Sick patch on the Bourque.
Awesome pulls, if the Bourque's available, drop me a line!
Nice jt
The Bourque is stellar! Congrats!

Interested in the Team Canada Dual, LMK if its avaliable
If Bruinsfan doesnt have anything you like i would also be interested in the Bourque.
The Bourque is nice & you're right, the autographs I've seen come out of these boxes have been horrendous. Then again, the boxes are geared more towards GU than autos.
im interested in the team canada cards /999 and the rookies /999
you did well for 1 box

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