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This is the beginning of my Kobe Bryant PC... In preparation for his 6th Ring and his retirement.

[Image: DSC_0884_zps463b57a6.jpg]
Not a bad way to start at all. I need to pick me up one of those. The 9.5 is a little out of my range tho Sad
Very Sweet!!!
Awesome start to your Kobe PC.
What are your PC goals?
I have some nice doubles (graded and ungraded) from his rookie year.
Awesome start. Great looking card and a gold brick, no less. Smile
That's a great way to start a Kobe PC!
NICE! Beautiful card to start with! Good luck with your collection, it's looking great already.
agreed that's a wicked start!

I've got some decent Kobe stuff if you're interested, check my org!
One of the greatest...behind MJ of courseSmile
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