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Full Version: Some Stuff FT (Scans)
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As the title says, here are a few things I have available FT to start some trade talks. Lots more in the org too. Let me know what you like in the thread or fire me an open offer. Cheers.

[Image: 07fielder-1.jpg]
Vitters Refractor /500:
[Image: 08vitters.jpg]
Trout Refractor /999:
[Image: 10trout.jpg]
[Image: 11machado3.jpg]
[Image: 09harper-1.jpg]
[Image: 10rutledge3_zpsc66a5ac2.jpg]
[Image: 11rizzo_zpscb864b11.jpg]
[Image: 11moustakas.jpg]
[Image: 11woodling_zps9624f3ed.jpg]
[Image: 11sale3_zps097b95ec.jpg]
[Image: 12foster_zps3cff564e.jpg]
[Image: 12morel.jpg]
[Image: 05sheets_zps94f31578.jpg]
[Image: 07chamberlain.jpg]
[Image: 08robinson.jpg]
[Image: 10victorino.jpg]
[Image: 10quad.jpg]
[Image: 11reed.jpg]
[Image: 11trout2.jpg]
[Image: 12victorinowerth.jpg]
pls check me for the trout refractor, machado auto, harper USA and Joba I suppose. Thanks!!
Please check me for the Trout Finest Rookie. THank you.
Whatcha want for the Machado?
check me for the trout, harper, and manny m plz.
Sent a trade
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