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looking to clear some space and or upgrade my pc. looking to trade or sell these, if your interested in buying, make an offer and ill add them to my organize as f/s.

[Image: img090.jpg]
[Image: img089.jpg]
[Image: img088.jpg]
Please check me for the adam jones... i kinda like that one.
...and the berra. Thanks
check me FT for the ozzie and eckersly please.
I like the Berra.
Could you pleasr check me for the Yount and Molitor. Thank you.
ill check all your organizes tomorrow, my computer is acting up like crazy tonight for some reason.
Check me for Jimenez, Berra and Adam Jones.
Check me for the Hill thanks
check me for the heroes
Open offer sent. Very interested in two cards you have listed for trade.
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