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BO had a great price on this the other day so I couldnt pass on it($107) and I was seeing if I could pull one of the Bruce's I need, which didnt happen but its OK Smile

First pack Tandon Doss, 08/299
[Image: TandonDossAbsoluteSpectrum.jpg]

Second pack Phil Taylor 028/299
[Image: PhilTaylorSpectrumAuto.jpg]

Crap so thats 2 autos and the box only guarantees 2 autos

Next Pack Big Grin
A.J. Green 41/47
[Image: AJGreenAbsoluteAFCAuto.jpg]

Last Pack, Julio Jones 14/50 for my small PC of him Smile
[Image: JulioJonesAbsoluteStarGazingPrime.jpg]
Wow that is an awesome AJ Green pull. Way to beat the odds there.
you didn't do too bad...congrats
(10-11-2012 05:10 PM)nineof Wrote: [ -> ]Wow that is an awesome AJ Green pull. Way to beat the odds there.

I know, straight to the General Football PC!
(10-11-2012 05:11 PM)ft28jags Wrote: [ -> ]you didn't do too bad...congrats

Thanks man. Ive been kicking myself since I let go of his Topps Magic auto, so I was glad I could pull one. If it wasnt gonna be a Cam I was hoping for him or Julio.
Ah man nice julio !! I was able to purchase a pack at Target in a bulk box of random clearence packs and pulled a marcell , still looking for the julio and ingram nice pull man
Awesome Green. Congrats
Not bad at all....congrats on the aj....Smile
Not bad
Sweet AJ! Wish I could get that from you somehow Smile
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