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Full Version: Some 2012 cards.
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Here's some '12 cards I've pulled so far this year. I'm mainly looking for '12 QB rookies, Tannehill, Foles, Wilson, Cousins, Osweiler and so on. I'll be adding more stuff these next few days as well. Thanks for looking!

The Miller is /15, Cousins /10, Quick /100, Broyles /99 and the Score Luck is Glossy.
[Image: 2012tradescan1.jpg]
[Image: 2012tradescan2.jpg]
[Image: 2012tradescan3.jpg]
[Image: RichardsonLuckFloydJersey.jpg]
Cmb on Blackmon and ryan broyles plz
Nice cards...Not bad pulls at all....congrats.....Smile
Interested in that Wilson jsy. Have an Osweiler R&S Longevity jsy, and probably some others. Take a look and LMK. Thanks.
(10-11-2012 09:21 AM)Soonerfan86 Wrote: [ -> ]Cmb on Blackmon and ryan broyles plz

When I click on your link it only bring up a picture of one card and there's nothing in your org. You have a better link?

Everything is still available except the Wilson Jersey, anyone else interested at all?
Please check me for the Lamar Miller!
Interested in the prime dual and martin autos.
Check my org lmk if u like anything I see a few things I could use thanks
cmo for the Cousins
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