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Just bought in on another box break, this time I bought Edmonton, Colorado & San Jose... The break didnt start out to good for me as the first 2 cards were an Edmonton & Colorado base card, and whenever I land base it usually tells me im gonna crap out cause with only 8 cards in a box, the odds of 2 from one team arent good... But then it improved and I got an Anton Lander prime signatures /25... And I heard the theme... da daa da daa da da da da da da

[Image: Sharkscolors.jpg]

FINALLY!! Land the sick Prime Colors Sharks card ive been wanting!!

And then to make an already good break better, the seller raffled off 3 teams by doing a I won 2 of the 3 free teams for the next break... He randomed the teams & I landed Flordia & LA which is mehh for me since I never buy them, but heck there FREE!! Who can complain about free stuff AND that Sharks card (which cost me $9 for the team!)...

Now thats a great Birthday break!
i would love to get in on a box break like that, can you message me some info on how to go about it?
I tried to before, but your inbox is full... delete some stuff buddy...
Great card there, especially since it's Jumbo Joe. Congrats on that hit!!!!
(10-11-2012 05:33 AM)irbecards32 Wrote: [ -> ]I tried to before, but your inbox is full... delete some stuff buddy...

ooops deleted now, thanks.
dang bro that is just suck! GRATS!
Nope! Don't like it! The colors are all wrong and there is too much going on in there. Do you happen to have anything more contemporary in the mix? I mean... come on! Who wears teal and silver anymore?
Hehe! That card is simply SICK! Congrats on the brilliant hit, Scott!

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