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I just got 10,000 cards from my boss and most are just junkl but got a few pc cards out of it. Before I donate them wanted to see if anyone here collects them and needs some cards from any of these sets? Will wait till the weekend for someone to respond then getting rid of them. If you have needs let me know will check for you.
I need four 1988 Topps cards for my set:
#176 Jeff Reed
#198 Franklin Stubbs
#528 Checklist
#646 Checklist
Will look for them tonight, pm me your address will send off tomorrow.
Thanks, very much appreciated.
I'm set, but thanks.
Hey, maybe you'll luck out and you'll end up with a bunch of 89 Billy Ripkens. The most famous card of my youth ... some day I'll break down and buy one Big Grin
Hey if you know of any gems i need to look for please let me know!
"Gem" of the 88 Topps is probably the Glavine rookie and the Tiffany versions, although I'm not exactly sure how to spot them. Not much in 88 Fleer, minus the McGwire, Bonds and again the Glavine RC.

89 Fleer, however, has a couple of nice errors. Keep an eye out for Jeff Treadway (Target logo in back), Randy Johnson (Marlboro logo in back) and then any of the 5 different Billy Ripken cards.
I actually love 1988 Topps ... it was the first set I collected as a kid. I loved the McGwire trophy card, and I always thought it had a pretty clean design.
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